The Charmosyna genus previously included 14 Lorikeet species. However, in 2021 most species were reclassified into the CharminettaCharmosynoides, CharmosynopsisHypocharmosyna, Synorhacma and Vini genus.

Stella’s Lorikeet was previously classified as a Charmosyna papou subspeces but was split into the separate Charmosyna stellae species with the IOC 11.2 update in 2021.

They are characterized by a orange/red beak and a plumage patterned with black/blue, red, yellow and green.

Charmosyna are canopy-dwelling and can be difficult to see when sitting in the tree tops.

They are nomadic and can be seen in mixed flocks with other birds.

Charmosyna josefinae
Josephine’s Lorikeet

Charmosyna papou
Papuan Lorikeet

Charmosyna stellae
Stella’s Lorikeet

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