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The first version of this encyclopedia was started in 1999 but in Danish only. In 2017 the encyclopedia went through a major update with a new modern layout, new content, new server etc. With the improved logging I became aware that the encyclopedia was visited by people from all over the world and I decided to start working on an English version; this work started in December 2017.

This encyclopedia currently contains description of 74 species + 144 pages with general information, various index and overview of all parrot genus and species.

The encyclopedia has been updated according to the official birdnames defined by the IOC World Bird List version 13.1 (2023).

Danish readers should check out the Danish version, which currently contains more than 165 species.

I will continue updating The Encyclopedia of Parrots with descriptions and photos of more species whenever I have some free time for this project. My ultimate goal is that this Encyclopedia will contain information and photos of all parrot species.


Any contribution to this encyclopedia is most welcome – especially high quality photos of any species that I am currently missing or where my photos are old low quality photos. Your photo(s) will be tagged with a copyright notice and also listed on the Thank You page.

If you notice any errors or miss some important information please feel free to contact me by email: mail@lars-bodin.dk or write a comment on these pages (don’t worry if you can’t see your comment right away – all comments must be approved before being made public to avoid spammers).

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