The monotypic Thectocercus (Ridgway, 1912) genus includes a single Neotropical parakeet: Blue-crowned Parakeet.

The Blue-crowned Parakeet was until 2013 included in the Aratinga genus but recent DNA studies resulted in a split.

The five subspecies are native to Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Columbia and Venezuela.

It is a medium size parrot with an overall green plumage; the greater wing coverts are green and the tail is green with red in the inner webs.

The nominate subspecies has a dull blue colour on the forehead, crown, cheaks and ear coverts; the other subspecies has less blue colouration.

Most subspecies have a white eye-ring except the T.a. neumanni, which has an orange eye-ring.


Thectocercus acuticaudatus
Blue-crowned Parakeet

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