Pyrilia genus includes seven species and four subspecies of South American parrots.

A common signature is primarily green body plumage with an olive or brownish patch on the chest and a head with different colours. The head has different colours than the rest of the body making it stand out. The tail is relatively short.

Formerly these species were included in the Pionopsitta genus but recent studies have concluded they should be moved to their own genus:  Pyrilia.


Pyrilia aurantiocephala
Bald Parrot

Pyrilia barrabandi
Orange-cheeked Parrot

Pyrilia caica
Caica Parrot

Pyrilia haematotis
Brown-hooded Parrot

Pyrilia pulchra
Rose-faced Parrot

Pyrilia pyrilia
Saffron-headed Parrot

Pyrilia vulturina
Vulturine Parrot

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