Pionus are medium sized parrots (20-29 cm, most species about 28 cm) native to Central and South America. With their stocky body and short square tail they kind of look like a small Amazon parrot but their colours are more subdued.

Pionus parrots are popular pets as they are very gentle and not as noisy as other parrot species. They are not as skilled at “talking” but with a little patience and training they can learn to mimic words and short sentences.


Pionus chalcopterus
Bronze-winged Parrot

Pionus fuscus
Dusky Parrot

Pionus maximiliani
Scaly-headed Parrot

Pionus menstruus
Blue-headed Parrot

Pionus senilis
White-crowned Parrot

Pionus seniloides
White-capped Parrot

Pionus sordidus
Red-billed Parrot

Pionus tumultuosus
Plum-crowned Parrot

Photo Credits

  • Bronze-winged Parrot : Copyright © by Bjarne Raabjerg
  • Dusky Parrot : Copyright © by Bjarne Raabjerg
  • White-crowned Parrot : Copyright © by Bjarne Raabjerg
  • White-capped Parrot : Copyright © by Bjarne Raabjerg
  • Red-billed Parrot : Copyright © by Bjarne Raabjerg
  • Plum-crowned Parrot : Copyright © by Bjarne Raabjerg