The Platycercus genus includes several species native to Australia and nearby islands.

Platycercus parakeets are medium sized parrots (26-37 cm) with a long tail, a distinctive cheek patch and a scalloping pattern on their back.

Most species are common in aviculture and as pets due to their beautiful colours and being relatively easy to breed. They can however be aggressive towards other birds when kept in captivity so it is recommended to use either a large aviary with plenty of branches for resting or keep them in separate cages/aviaries.

Species & Subspecies

Platycercus adscitus
Pale-headed Rosella

Platycercus caledonicus
Green Rosella

Platycercus elegans
Crimson Rosella

Platycercus eximius
Eastern Rosella

Platycercus icterotis
Western Rosella

Platycercus venustus
Northern Rosella

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