The monotypic Psittinus genus consists of a single species: Blue-rumped Parrot.

The three subspecies live geographically segregated on several islands in southern Myanmar, southern Thailand, Borneo, Sumatra and nearby islands.

According to some sources, the subspecies P. c. abotti is considered a distinctive species but I adhere to the terms defined by [IOC].

Previously Pesquet’s Parrot was also included in the Psittinus genus but it was moved to Psittrichas.

The Simeulue Parrot was previously considered to be a subspecies of Psittinus cyanurus but was split into a separate species with the IOC 11.2 update in 2021.


Psittinus abbotti
Simeulue Parrot

Psittinus cyanurus
Blue-rumped Parrot

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