The Eclectus genus includes five large and colorful parrots native to several islands ranging from the northern Moluccas to Solomon Islands.

The male and female Eclectus Parrot have different colours, so it is easy to mistake the male and female for two different species. The male is bright emerald green and the female is deep red and purple; it is the most sexually dimorphic of all parrot species.

Previously only the Eclectus Parrot was recognized as a species but with the IOC 13.1 update in 2023 several subspecies was reclassified as separate species based on differences in color and size.


Eclectus cornelia
Sumba Eclectus

Eclectus infectus
Oceanic Eclectus

Eclectus polychloros
Papuan Eclectus

Eclectus riedeli
Tanimbar Eclectus

Eclectus roratus
Eclectus Parrot