The Barnardius genus include a single species – the Australian Ringneck – with five subspecies. As the name implies it is endemic to Australia. They are characterised by a yellow ring around the neck.

In captivity they have a tendency to becoming overweight so a low fat diet should be provided; sunflower seed should be avoided or kept to a minimum. A diet based on pellets supplemented with various fruit and vegetables is recommended.

They are not sensible to cold weather and can tolerate temperatures down to -4°C  (25°F ) for short periods without problems.


Barnardius zonarius
Australian Ringneck


Barnardius zonarius zonarius
Port Lincoln Parrot 

Barnardius zonarius barnardi
Mallee Ringneck

Barnardius zonarius macgilivrayi
Cloncurry Parrot

Barnardius zonarius parkeri
Australian Ringneck (parkeri)

Barnardius zonarius semitorquatus
Twenty-eight Parrot

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