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Contributions via Instagram

A big warm THANK YOU to my Instagram friends for sharing your beautiful photos - I recommend you visit their Instagram profile, where you can see more photos:

Other contributions

Also a big warm THANK YOU to the following readers for their contributions to this encyclopedia:

  • Anita & Kim Sillasen - photos of  Lutino Rose-ringed Parakeet
  • Bjarne Hansen, Bogø - photos of Golden-mantled Rosella
  • Bjarne Raabjerg - information and photos of Pionus species
  • Charlotte & Hans Chr. West - photo of Red-crowned Parakeet
  • Ellen Christophersen - photo of Rose-ringed Parakeet
  • Ellen's Parrots - photo of various Lovebirds and Senegal Parrot
  • Flemming Jørgensen - photo of Australian Ringneck (Mallee)
  • Gitte Hansen - photos of various species
  • Hanne & Jan Højmark - photos of various Cockatoo's and Yellow-headed Amazon 
  • Hans-Henrik Sørensen - photo of Australian Ringneck (Twenty-eight) and Albino Cockatiel
  • Izabella Bodin - photos of various species
  • Jack Sejersen - photo of White-winged Parakeet
  • Jann Otto Nielsen - for billede af gulisset kilehaleparakit
  • Jeannie Vig - Fugleinternatet - photo of Plum-headed Parakeet
  • John Jensen - photos of various Lori species
  • John Vestergaard - photos of Grey Parrot
  • Katrine Poulsen - photo of Lutino Cockatiel
  • Kirsten Klamer - photos of Regent Parrot
  • Kurt Jensen - photos of Lord Derby´s Parakeet
  • Lilian Petersen - photos of Grey-headed Parakeet
  • Mark Steensen - photos of Costa Rican mealy amazon
  • Martin Jensen - photo of Rose-ringed Parakeet (blue mutation)
  • Michael Olsen, Lollands fuglepension - photos of Red-fronted Parrot
  • Nikolai Filskov - photos of Sun Parakeet
  • Peer Sørensen - photos of Vinaceous Amazon and Golden-shouldered Parrot
  • Vibeke W. Andersen - photos and comments about Cockatiels
  • Aase Nygaard - photos of various species

I appreciate all your contributions - thank you very much, this project would not be possible without your help! 🙂