All material, text, photographs etc. in this Encyclopedia of Parrots is copyright and may not be copied or distributed in any way without the express permission from the author (Lars Bodin).

For non-commercial use I normally grant permission to use my photographs and text free of charge under these conditions :

  1. Ask before you copy!
  2. Any quotes and/or photos must be clearly marked with "Copyright Lars Bodin" - if possible also add a link to
  3. Any quote/material/photos may not be passed on to 3. part.
  4. The permission is for fair use only and only for the agreed articles and/or photographs.

By "fair use" I consider copying a few photographs and quote part of an article or even a single in full but not copying the entire encyclopedia - but remember to ask before you copy! In any case I uphold the right to judge what is fair use! 🙂

As an example of non-commercial use I will normally grant permission to include my photos or descriptions in your local bird society's magazine or as part of e.g. a Powerpoint presentation. If you have your own web site with information about parrots I will normally also grant permission to use my photos or articles as long as the above conditions are respected.

For commercial use any use of the photographs and/or articles in this encyclopedia require a written accept from the author and will not be free of charge.

Kindly notice:

  • Only photos clearly marked with a copyright notice with either Izabella Bodin (my daughter) or Lars Bodin may be used by 3rd party - and only after you have asked for permission! 🙂
  • Any other copyright notice means I have been granted permission from that person to use the photo in my encyclopedia but I am not able to grant permission for others to copy it!