The Hapalopsittaca genus includes four Neotropical species; all are native to the Andes of South America.

The species are small but stocky parrots about 22-24 cm long and mainly green.

While the population of the Black-winged Parrot is stable, the Rusty-faced Parrot and Red-faced Parrot are vulnerable and the Indigo-winged Parrot is critically endangered according to [IUCN].


Hapalopsittaca amazonina
Rusty-faced Parrot

Hapalopsittaca fuertesi
Fuertes's Parrot

Hapalopsittaca melanotis
Black-winged Parrot

Hapalopsittaca pyrrhops
Red-faced Parrot

Species & Subspecies

  • Hapalopsittaca amazonina (Des Murs, 1845) - Rusty-faced Parrot
    • Hapalopsittaca amazonina amazonina (Des Murs, 1845)
    • Hapalopsittaca amazonina theresae (Hellmayr, 1915)
    • Hapalopsittaca amazonina velezi (Graves, GR & Restrepo, 1989)
  • Hapalopsittaca fuertesi (Chapman, 1912) - Fuertes's Parrot
  • Hapalopsittaca melanotis (Lafresnaye, 1847) - Black-winged Parrot
    • Hapalopsittaca melanotis melanotis (Lafresnaye, 1847)
    • Hapalopsittaca melanotis peruviana (Carriker, 1932)
  • Hapalopsittaca pyrrhops (Salvin, 1876) - Red-faced Parrot