FAQ: Help! There is a parrot in my garden

Some years back I was watching television. It was summer and the door to my garden was open. In the corner of the living room my birds was sitting in their aviary chatting away. Suddenly a wild bird landed on the terrace and looked very curiously inside my living room. Soon after it jumped through the door and walked into my living room looking for the source of all the chattering. I carefully stood up and walked over to the door and closed it so the bird could not escape. I then placed a bowl with some water and food and the bird  started eating as it was very hungry and exhausted from flying around. While it was eating I carefully put a cage on top of it and captured it. Then I made a few phone calls and soon after the owner came and got his bird back.

If you don't have any experience in capturing a bird don't try - birds are very fragile and you can easily break its wings!

Instead look for help:

  • Are there any breeders in your neighborhood or maybe a local bird society? Maybe they can help you or know somebody who have experience in capturing a wild bird.
  • If you have a Facebook group for your local community try asking for help - maybe somebody know the owner of the bird.

Try to speak to the bird in a calm voice and see if it react - does it look scared? Then back away! If the bird does not seem to be scared by your presence then keep talking to it in a calm voice - if the parrot is tame it may come closer to you and perhaps even follow you into the house.

If you or any of your neighbors have a pet parrot yourself you can try moving its cage out in the garden - maybe this will get the attention of the wild bird and allow you to capture it when it closes in on the caged bird.

If the bird continue to stay in your garden you can provide a bowl of water and food and see if it is hungry. It is much easier to capture the bird later if it is comfortable with a specific location. With any luck you may be able to move the bowls closer and closer to the house until you can lure it inside where it will be much easier to capture.

If you have to capture it outside you can either try to hose it down - this will make the feathers heavy and make it difficult to fly away. You can also try to capture it carefully with a large mesh.

If you are able to lure the bird inside your house you should close all curtains first to avoid the bird flying into a window if you scare it while trying to capture it. The best way to capture it is by waiting until it is eating or drinking on the floor - then carefully lower a large cage on top of it. You can also try throwing a towel or pillowcase over the bird. Be very careful - birds are very fragile and you can easily break the bones! Also be very careful holding it after it is captured - do not apply too much pressure or the bird may suffocate!

For more information please read this article.