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Notice: The English version of this encyclopedia is only at a very early state. The first version of this encyclopedia was started in 1999 (Danish version only). The Danish encyclopedia went through a major update in 2017. In December 2017 I began working on the English version and expect to have all the Danish pages translated in a few months. 

Currently the Danish version of this encyclopedia contains descriptions of 169 species while the English version only contains 15 species but new articles are added each week! 🙂

I will continue updating The Encyclopedia of Parrots with descriptions and photos of more species whenever I have some free time for this project. My goal is that this Encyclopedia will contain information and photos of all parrot species but it is going to take several years before I am finished.

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Hint: If you are looking for a specific specie but you do not know the name, you can browse the different genus pages as they contain thumbnail photos of all the species belonging to that genus. 

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If you are reading a page with a description of a specific specie there will be a blue button in the upper right corner that will take you back to the description of the genus where you can find a listing of all related species.

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Any contribution to this encyclopedia is most welcome - especially high quality photos of all species that I am currently missing or where my photos are old low quality photos. Your photo(s) will be tagged with a copyright notice and also listed on the Thank You page.


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